Open Source Projects

Florian Rand on Monday, April 4th, 2022

Some stuff I do for fun

You can find these projects (and other silly stuff) on GitHub.

  • Gobatmon: Simple command line tool to monitor battery discharges during a period of time written in Go.
  • Parrot: Passphrase generator based on diceware.
  • Gorng: Small Go module to generate pseudo secure random numbers.
  • Lean Canvas: React App to create Lean Canvas business models.
  • Pokewiki: GraphQL Server consuming pokeapi.
  • Track my TV Shows: REST API using Typescript, Expressjs, JWT, Jest, Morgan and Winstong for loggin. Heroku ready.
  • NextJS Typescript Starter: Starter boilerplate leveraging NextJS with Typescript, Jest and Tailwind.
  • Candid Vim: My VIM/Neovim theme.
  • Fedora Ansible Workstation: Ansible playbooks to provision Fedora Linux Workstations (A bit out-of-date since I'm back to Ubuntu LTS).
  • Larder-cli: 3rd party client to access Larder.io bookmarks from the command line written in GO.